With your first breath, you begin a life of transitions. You want ways to manage your transitions. And you want tools to help you explore the wisdom gained through transitions.

I am Leia Francisco, an observer of transitions since my childhood. As part of a military family, I moved every two years. As a young adult, I experienced difficult work and life changes, including the loss of loved ones. Later in my career, I merged my experience as a coach, teacher and writer to specialize in transition work with individuals and groups. I have seen how painful and messy transitions can be without understanding the process. Without some guidance, you may miss the wisdom and power that even difficult transitions bring.

Because I understand the struggle and overwhelm, I bring things down to the essentials. I focus on the unique choices open to you. I will guide you through coaching, training, or my book, Writing Through Transitions, A Guide for Transforming Life Changes.

Chances are that you are experiencing a transition like these:

  1. You want to branch into new work challenges that use your passions and talents, but you’re not quite sure how to do this. Without some kind of map, you feel a little stuck.
  2. You are in the middle of several big transitions without really managing any of them.  You feel overwhelmed. While you have been through transitions before (like divorce, parenting, care taking, job changes, moves), you could use a guide to help you with your next steps.
  3. You feel bogged down in a long transition that just won’t end.  You find it hard to let go of an old role or situation and move into your next life chapter. You want some specific strategies and support to help you move forward.



Individual, one-hour coaching sessions to help you develop strategies for making the most of your transitions.


I offer one-hour, focused consultations on how to use my book for group or individual work,


Writing Through Transitions: a Guide for Transforming Life Changes, available as an ebook or workbook. A highly readable guide to help you understand the transition process, using writing strategies for each part of your transition.

Work Right: Managing Your Career Transitions is a digital guide for anyone in a career or job change. It offers the basic tools for redesigning your work, along with writing strategies and tips for understanding the transition process.


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