With your first breath, you begin a life of transitions.  Not only do you seek ways to manage the transitions, you want to explore the meaning and wisdom of transitions—even the difficult ones.

I am Leia Francisco, and I became a transition specialist because I saw how many people lack a framework for changes. They often understand little about the power and creativity available to them. They struggle through the mess and heartache of transition without getting the full benefits. I know how hard this can be, so I bring things down to the essentials and focus on unique choices open to each person. I am the guide by your side. My guidance can be in the form of coaching, training, or my book, Writing Through Transitions, A Guide for Transforming Life Changes.

Chances are that you are experiencing a transition like these:

  1. You want to branch into new work challenges, designed around your passions and talents but are not quite sure how to do this. Without some kind of map, you feel a little stuck.
  2. You are smack in the middle of several big transitions without really managing any of them, so you feel overwhelmed. While you have been through transitions before (like divorce, parenting, care taking, job changes, moves), you could use a guide to help you with priorities and next steps.
  3. You feel bogged down in a long transition that just won’t end. You are finding it hard to let go of an old role or situation and move into your next life chapter. You want some strategies and support to help you move forward.


Individual transition coaching by phone and Skype in confidential, one-hour sessions. Explore the challenges and strengths in your own transition and develop strategies for successfully navigating that transition.

Individual or group training to lead your own transition workshop. Through online forums or private consultation, learn the key elements of the material and methods of helping others explore the wisdom of transitions.

Customized materials in the form of articles, program design, or mentoring to create materials that meet the needs of your group. Teleconferences, interviews, or webinars with me as your resource person. You and I will agree on dates, cost, and delivery methods.


Writing Through Transitions, a Guide for Transforming Life Changes, available as an ebook or workbook. A short, highly readable guide to help you understand the transition process, with writing strategies for each part of your transition.

Writing Through Transitions, a Facilitation Guide for leaders of a transition workshop. For helping professionals and anyone interested in helping others, specific uses of the books with tips on how to facilitate transition writing programs in your group or organization.


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